The Tokyo Daishoten is run at Oi racecourse over a distance of 2,000m. The course is a right-handed track and the ground well-leveled around the whole circuit.
For the 2,000m races the horses start on the point 400m to the winning post. Horses running on this race draw slight advantage from the post position since the race starts with straight length of about 500m before the first turn.
Racetrack curves through the first turn to the second turn, leading to the long backstretch at about 500m. Bending likewise with the third turn to the final turn follows the run-in of 386m straight to the finish line.
The dirt surface is made from volcanic ash called “HARUNA Dust” and cushion sand laid 8cm deep, which absorb the shock of the foot landing.
In general, running tires the horses more when the surface is dry, while more moisture it contains, the faster the times will be. It is a season with low rainfall relatively when the race is held in fact 50/62 races were conducted over dry surface.