Tokyo’s New Night Spot

So much to enjoy, like nighttime horseracing, illuminations, delicious food, and events!

Free admission with your passport!

You can enter TCK for free by presenting your passport to admissions staff at the front gate!

Today’s Events

Gates Open
Main Race


Date Gates Open First post Main post Last post Grade Race Program Result
Mon 24
14:00 14:45 20:10 20:50  
Tue 25
14:00 14:45 20:10 20:50 YUSHUN SPRINT
Wed 26
13:45 14:25 20:05 20:50 TEIO SHO
Thu 27
10:20 14:45 20:10 20:50  
Fri 28
10:20 14:45 20:10 20:50  

Enjoy Exciting Nighttime Horseracing for as Little as 100 Yen

TCK (TOKYO CITY KEIBA) is a horseracing track in Tokyo. Here you can enjoy “Twinkle Races,” exciting nighttime horseraces, for as little as 100 yen. TCK is a super-popular destination for friends and couples, known as “Tokyo’s New Night Spot”!

Nighttime Amusement

Nighttime horse races are held April through December, and beautiful illuminations light up the different sections of the grounds at night. Come enjoy the beautiful and romantic atmosphere, whether you’re visiting as parent and child, having a girl’s night out, visiting as a couple, or stopping by with friends!

A Variety of Gourmet Delights

Welcome to a world of options, from delicious street foods to dishes made especially for women! Additionally, certain restaurants also are equipped to show the horseraces, so you can relax and enjoy your meal without missing out on the action.

A Wide Variety of Events

From exciting hands-on events to moving performances and even food festivals featuring famous restaurants from across the country, there’s always some sort of fun event happening at TCK! Before your visit, be sure to see what sorts of events you could be enjoying!