What is TCK?

TCK, short for TOKYO CITY KEIBA, is a racecourse located in the heart of Tokyo. It offers a variety of fun activities to enjoy in addition to its iconic “twinkle races,” including beautiful illuminations, delightful food, and large-scale events! TCK is known as “Tokyo’s nighttime playground” thanks to its various activities to dabble in while you watch the horses race.

Convenient Access

TCK is located in the heart of Tokyo, so it’s easily accessible from anywhere!

You can reach TCK from Tokyo Station or Haneda Airport in just around 20 minutes. You can even get there in a shockingly low 8 minutes from Tokyo Monorail’s Hamamatsucho Station!

The Super Appealing Twinkle Race

TCK is home to nighttime horse races, known fondly as “Twinkle Race.” TCK was the first racetrack in Japan to host nighttime races, which are now a popular spectacle at horseracing venues across Japan.

Since Twinkle Races are primarily held on weekdays from April through December, you can easily go and enjoy the race without having to fight through weekend crowds (Twinkle Races in January through March are held during the day).

Horserace Bets from Only 100 Yen

You can enjoy the races at TCK guilt-free with betting tickets starting at just 100 yen. Tickets can be purchased easily from automatic vending machines. If it’s your first time placing a bet, we recommend using your lucky number or birthdate!

Fantastical Illuminations

A variety of illuminations are set up to add splashes of color to the nighttime racetrack from April through December when Twinkle Races are held. The beautiful lighting will pull you into an extraordinary new atmosphere.

Enjoy Delicious Foods

TCK also features some great choices for food and drinks, from tasty street foods to dishes aimed at women and more!

Additionally, you can even enjoy a full-fledged buffet-style meal made under the watchful eye of a famous French chef at “Diamond Turn,” a race-viewing restaurant. Take your time to enjoy your meal as you watch the races!

Comfort for Everyone

TCK offers air-conditioned indoor seats and assigned seats in addition to the outdoor seating areas. Enjoy watching the races stress-free on a screen!