TCK is a fun, fantastic and surprisingly economical way to spend on a nightlife event in Tokyo.

Horse Racing in the Heart of Tokyo

  • Admission and minimum bet, just 100yen
  • 8minutes from Hamamatsucho
  • Sleek&Safe amusument park
  • Free wifi

Come on down!
We’re Racing today!

Gates open 10:10

Main post 16:15

Racing Fixtures


In order for you to have an enjoyable evening with TCK, we will show you the facilities, how to play at the horse racing, and information on food and transport.


We are introducing TCK events.


Bring your kids to Family Day at the TCK on March 20th!!

Race Schedule     Date Gates Open Mainpost Notes Mon 20th March 11:20AM 5:15PM Tue 21st March 10:10A […]


Running Free at TCK

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Break the ice, or melt it away at TCK!

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