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Hokkaido Namara Umaimon Camp

During the 12th annual event (Oct. 29 to Nov. 3), including the day of the JBC, the “Hokkaido Namara Umaimon Camp” will be held, where each day you can enjoy popular Hokkaido cuisine like croquettes made with Hokkaido potatoes and Furano Melon Bread. The venue, designed in the semblance of a campsite, will have up to 14 shops participating with each offering a variety of distinctive gourmet dishes and sweets for your enjoyment. Be sure to indulge yourself with some irresistible Hokkaido cuisine while being swept up in the excitement of the intense races.

October 29 (Sunday) to November 3 (Friday, National Holiday)
Each day from opening to the start of the final race
* November 3 (Friday, National Holiday): 11:00 AM to the start of the final race
Stalls & items for sale
Please confirm at the venue during the event