How to Collect Winnings

How did the race you bet on turn out?

Wait to see the official (“確定”) final standings on the electronic scoreboard, and if your prediction was right, it’s time to collect your winnings!

With that said, here we’ll be explaining the end of the race, from deciding the final standings to collecting your winnings.

1What are the Final Standings?

Once all of the horses in a race have crossed the finish line, the preliminary results will be displayed on the electronic scoreboard. When the results first go up, they are not final. Once the results have been fully analyzed, the official final results will be displayed alongside the text “確定.”

Please note that the results order may change until “確定” is displayed on-screen. Please do not dispose of your betting ticket until “確定” is displayed.

2Check the Amount of Your Winnings

Again, once the race has finished, wait and look for the final results.

Once the results are finalized, numbers will be displayed next to them indicating the payout rate per 100 yen wagered. The bright blue section is for “Win,” while the white section is for “Show.”

Let’s use horse #10, who came in 1st place this race, as an example.

When you look at the Win section, you’ll see “370 yen.” So, if you wagered 100 yen on #10, you’d have won back 370 yen (odds of 1:3.7).

Next, looking at the Show section, #10 has “150 yen” next to it. This means that if you bet 100 yen on #10, you’d have won back 150 yen (odds of 1:1.5).

3If You’ve Won, Collect Your Winnings

If your predictions were on point, go on and collect your winnings!

When collecting your winnings, you’ll be using the betting machines in the facility’s betting stations, much like when you purchased your ticket.

Here we will explain the collection procedure using pictures.

  1. First, insert your winning betting ticket.

  2. Next, press the payout button marked “清算.”

  3. Finally, your winnings will be dispensed for you to collect.

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