How to Purchase a Betting Ticket

After you’ve chosen a horse to wager on, it’s time to buy your betting ticket.You’ll receive your betting ticket after you’ve filled out and turned in a “mark card.” Mark cards are available near betting stations throughout the facility. Mark a few locations on the card, and you’re ready to buy the betting ticket!

1We Recommend “Win” and “Show” Bets for Beginners!

If you’re new to horseracing, we recommend “Win” and “Show” tickets, where you choose one horse you think could win!


“Win” is the most straightforward ticket type.
You simply choose the horse you think will come in 1st place. It’s so easy!
Why not give choosing a “Win” a shot?


“Show” is the most easily won type of bet.
If your chosen horse places in the top 3, you’re a winner!
It’s a lot easier to win with than “Win” tickets!
If you’re not sure which horse will come in 1st, give “Show” a try!

In races with 7 or fewer participating horses, “Show” winners are horses that place in 1st or 2nd place.

2How to Fill Out a Mark Card

Before placing your bets, you’ll need to fill out your mark card.
Here we will explain how to fill out a mark card properly using pictures and examples.
There are different kinds of mark cards available at the racetrack, but start out using this red “light card.”
This time, we’ll give an example for betting 100 yen on a “win” for horse 9 in race 5.

  1. First, mark the area for “Oi (TCK),” for the name of the race track.

  2. Next, confirm the race you want to bet on and fill in that same number under race number.

  3. Next, choose “Win,” under the field for the betting type.

  4. Next, in the “1st Horse/Bracket” area, mark down the same number as the horse you are betting on. Be sure to double check the number you put down to make sure it’s correct!
    If betting on “Win” or “Show,” do not fill in anything in the sections marked “2nd Horse/Bracket” and “3rd Horse.”

  5. Finally, choose how much you want to wager. Since we’re using a 100 yen bet in this example, we’ll fill in “1” in the field “Amount (yen)” and “¥100.” This marks 1 bet of 100 yen.
    If you wish to wager an amount other than 100 yen, you can select different amounts in the “Amount (yen)” field. For 1,000 yen choose “¥1,000,” for 10,000 yen choose “¥10,000.”

Once you’ve completed the above 5 steps, you’ve finished filling out your mark card.
You’ve almost finished buying your betting ticket once you’ve filled out the mark card! The only thing left to do is use the betting machine to receive your ticket. Onward!

3Next, Get Your Betting Ticket from a Betting Machine

Once you’ve filled out your mark card, the next step is receiving your betting ticket.
Head on over to a betting machine with your mark card.

Next, we will explain how to get your ticket using pictures.

  1. First, insert your wager amount into the machine.

  2. Next, insert your filled-out mark card.

  3. Once you’ve done this, the machine will dispense your betting ticket.

  4. If you are owed any change, press the button marked “清算” and your change will be dispensed.
    Make sure you don’t leave behind your betting ticket or your change!
    If you need any assistance, you can call a staff member by pressing the red button.

Once you’ve completed the above steps, you’ve successfully received your betting ticket!
If you got lucky and correctly predicted the race results, don’t forget to cash in your winnings!