Enjoying Horse Races

You can bet on horse races here at TCK (TOKYO CITY KEIBA) for as little as 100 yen!
If you’re new to horse racing and aren’t sure how to make the most out of your experience, here we’ll be outlining how best to enjoy the race from start to finish!

When Do the Races Start?

You can check the race start times along with the participating horses with “Racing Program Entry”! You can print English versions of the program from our home page, but they will also be distributed at the G-FRONT service counter located on the 1st floor of the premises.

Check Out the Horses Participating in the Next Race!

You can see the horses that will be participating in the next race for yourself at the “paddock” area! Find the right horse for you!

Buy Your Betting Ticket!

Once you’ve chosen a horse to wager on, it’s time to buy a betting ticket.You’ll receive your betting ticket after turning in a marked card.For your first time, try to hit the “win” by choosing one horse! You can also choose the “show” option, where you win if your chosen horse places in the top 3! After you’ve filled out your mark card, just pay your bet and insert your card into the betting machine, and you’re good to go!

It’s Time for the Race! Cheer On Your Horse!

If you really want a true taste of horseracing, you’ll definitely want to stand at the “finish line.” You’re sure to be blown away by the absolute intensity of the horses thundering past!

The White-Hot Race Has Finished! What are the Results?!

Once all horses have crossed the finish line, the order will be displayed on the electronic scoreboard. Be sure to keep your betting ticket with you until you see the final results!
How did you do? If you won, it’s time to go cash in your winnings!

How Was Your Experience?

Did the excitement of the horse race get your pulse pounding?
What’s next? Will you give the next race a shot too? How about taking a break with some delicious food and drinks?