Enjoy Exciting Nighttime Horseracing for as Little as 100 Yen

TCK is the pioneer of nighttime horseracing in Japan. The beloved nighttime races held here are nicknamed “Twinkle Races.”

Here we will introduce how to get the most out of horseracing, so that you can enjoy these Twinkle Races to the fullest.

How Do I Get the MostOut of Horseracing?

  • Thrilling Horseraces
    Right Before Your Eyes

    The “Paddock” is where you can check out the horses that will be participating in the upcoming race. Take a good look at the powerful racehorses, make your choice on instinct or by appearances, and pick a horse that appeals to you!

  • Full View
    of the Spacious Course

    “L-WING” is a spectator stand that overlooks the entire course. It’s also home to plenty of restaurants and other stands with delicious food options. There are also cheap designated seats available for purchase for groups who are stopping by to sightsee.

  • Experience the Thrilling
    Race for the Goal Line

    “G-FRONT” is a spectator stand right by the goal line. As its name implies, it’s right in front of the goal. Here you can experience the real thrill of the final push for the goal, complete with the latest cutting-edge technologies and a top-class atmosphere.

  • Watch the Race Unfold and
    Relax in the Lap of Luxury

    You can watch the race from start to finish, from the first corner to crossing the goal line, here at the Number 4 Grandstand. It is also home to “Diamond Turn,” a restaurant that’s also equipped to show the horseraces. Relax in the lap of luxury and have some delicious and authentic western-style food.

  • Ride in a Real
    Horse-Drawn Carriage

    “PAKA-PAKA Land” is an area for children and adults alike, located within the racecourse grounds. There are also events aimed at children held during times like Golden Week and Obon.

Horseracing BasicsFor Beginners

  • About the Steps to

    1Confirm race information, such as when the gates open and which horses are participating.2Once you’ve chosen a horse to back, purchase your betting ticket!3Cheer on the horse you bet on while watching the thrilling race unfold!4Be sure to collect your winnings if your instincts were right and you bet on the winning horse!

  • How to Purchase
    a Betting Ticket

    Once you’ve chosen your favorite horse to bet on, fill out a ticket with that horse’s number and make the purchase! Here we will explain in detail how to fill out and purchase a betting ticket.

  • How to Collect Winnings

    After the race is over, it’s time to see how your guess turned out. If your prediction was right, don’t forget to collect your winnings! Here we will explain in detail how to cash out and collect your winnings.

  • History of TCK

    The “Gallery of Owner” has a variety of valuable items related to TCK on display, such as photos of famous horses that have raced at TCK and the racing uniforms of famous jockeys.