A Varied Gourmet Paradise

TCK is home to a wide variety of places to eat, featuring items from handheld foods to Japanese cuisine to delicious street foods, so you can enjoy all of the tasty things you’d like during your visit to Japan. It truly is a gourmet paradise!

Here we will introduce a select few locations from the various on-site restaurants! Additionally, TCK is packed with a variety of shops, so be sure to stop by the racetrack and have a great time!

Walk Around while EnjoyingThese Delicious Handheld Foods

  • Tsukiji Gindako

    Gindako is a specialty restaurant for “takoyaki,” one of Japan’s comfort foods. “Takoyaki” is without a doubt the king of Japanese street foods. A 6-piece order is perfect for guests visiting the racetrack in groups!

  • Bon Appeti

    You can enjoy TCK-exclusive sweets like egg waffles and cheesecake here at Bon Appeti. Additionally, there are two other shops at The Sweets Stable: “Marion Crepes,” which serves crepes that are a hit with guests of all ages, and “MINO’AKA HAWAII,” where you can enjoy freshly-made donuts.

  • Kentucky
    Fried Chicken

    If you want some chicken, you’ve got to stop by Kentucky Fried Chicken! Their chicken is famous worldwide, and its delicious taste appeals to men and women of all ages! All of the chicken used at Kentucky Fried Chicken in Japan is domestically produced. We recommend enjoying some while you watch the races!

  • Star Light

    Star Light has a rich variety of drinks to choose from between races. They also sell “STAR LIGHT CRAFT BEER,” an original craft beer served exclusively at TCK! Why not enjoy a craft beer, like a Kölsch, golden ale, or stout, while you come up with your race predictions?

Enjoy Authentic Dishes

  • Kashiwaya

    Kashiwaya offers items like “soba,” “udon,” and “donburi (rice bowls).” Come by to enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine.

  • Koufukudo

    Koufukudo serves “Gyusuji nikomi,” or beef tendon stew. Beef tendon is slowly simmered in a soy sauce-based soup, and the result is a delicious bite of beef that’s absolutely packed with umami flavors. It’s the perfect accompaniment to sake or beer!

Watch the Horses RaceWhile Enjoying a Buffet

  • Horserace-Viewing Restaurant
    “Diamond Turn”

    Enjoy an authentic buffet-style meal made under the watchful eye of a famous French chef at race-viewing restaurant “Diamond Turn.” It also features a party room that can accommodate anything from couples to groups in a calm and refined space. Take a break in the lap of luxury while watching the thrilling races!