Have Fun Without Giving in to the Cold! TCK’s Event Information for February 3rd-7th!

During early February, TCK will continue holding meet-and-greets with its popular characters “Umatase! & Umataseine,” as well as events where you can interact with Clydesdale horses! Blow away the cold with hot races and events!

Meet and Greet With Umatase and Umataseine

TCK’s mascots “Umatase and Umataseine” will make their appearance and liven up the facility! Take pictures with them to upload onto social media!

February 5th,6th
①From opening ②12:30pm~ ③2:30pm~ ④The 11R commendation ceremony
①Main gate area ②G-FRONT area ③G-FRONT area ④Prize area by goal

※Each session lasts around 30 minutes.
※Locations may change in case of rainy weather.

Meeting Clydesdale Horses

TCK will be hosting an event where you can meet Clydesdale horses “Al” and “Wes” up close!

February 5th,6th
First round 2:45pm-3:15pm, second round 3:30pm-4:00pm
Start Location

※Events may change or be cancelled for various reasons, including weather or horse’s health.

Beginners’ Counter

There will be a “Beginners’ Counter” set up for beginners on the 1st floor of L-WING!

The counter will have a concierge available who will give free assistance and information on horse racing basics, such as how to buy betting tickets and how to read the racing forms. There will also be great-value beginners’ kits available for purchase! Furthermore, English and Chinese-speaking staff will be stationed at the counter.

If you’re new to horse racing and aren’t sure where to begin or want to know more about horse racing, be sure to stop by!

Daily when horse races take place
From opening until the final race has been decided
Special area on the 1st floor of L-WING

※Beginner’s kits are sold only during the day on days with group races as well as weekends and holidays.