Popular Ramen Restaurants Come Together Near Haneda Airport! “Ramen Fest 2019 @ TCK”

It’s about a 10-minute ride on the Tokyo Monorail from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport to the Oi Keibajo Mae Station. From there, it’s just a 2-minute walk to Oi Keibajo, otherwise known as TCK (Tokyo City Keiba)! TCK is a popular entertainment facility frequented not only by the Japanese but also by foreign tourists thanks to its night races surrounded by colorful lights and various events.

That very same TCK will be hosting the year-end event “Ramen Fest 2019 @ TCK,” where you can enjoy ramen from famous ramen restaurants from across Japan while watching the horseraces!

This year from December 25th(Wed) through the 27th(Fri) and 29th(Sun) through the 31st(Tues), the facility’s UMAILE Square will be packed with delicious visiting Japanese restaurants! These sorts of popular ramen restaurants are often tucked away in locations out of the way and hard to access for tourists, so this is a must-visit event for ramen lovers!


December 25th (Wed) and 26th (Thur) 2019
2:00pm-9:00pm (Last orders:8:30pm)
December 27th (Fri) 2019
1:30pm-9:00pm (Last orders:8:30pm)
December 29th (Sun) 2019
9:20am-6:00pm (Last orders:5:30pm)
December 30th (Mon) and 31st (Tues) 2019
10:00am-6:00pm (Last orders:5:30pm)

※Event still held even in case of rain.



※Photo is a concept image.

Participating Restaurants

※Photos are concept images.

  • Restaurant Name:Menya Hulu-lu
    Menu:Rich Chicken Broth Tantanmen!!
    Characterized By:Full-bodied and umami-packed tantanmen made with a rich chicken broth
  • Restaurant Name:Menya Oto
    Menu:Nagoya Cochin Chicken and Spiny Lobster Rich Ramen
    Characterized By:A luxurious and rich ramen that combines Nagoya Cochin chicken and spiny lobster
  • Restaurant Name:Tai Shio Soba Toka
    Menu:Rich “Big Three” Seafood Ramen with Sea Urchin, Red Snapper, and Red Snow Crab
    Characterized By:A dreamy feast with top-quality sea urchin, red snapper, and red snow crab
  • Restaurant Name:Shouhei Ramen
    Menu:Quatro (4-Dashi) Soup Shouhei Ramen
    Characterized By:A true gem, featuring chicken, pork, beef, and seafood soups alongside homemade noodles made with whole eggs
  • Restaurant Name:Ramen Senmon Chu-Ru-Ri
    Menu:Chu-Ru-Ri Thick Miso
    Characterized By:Sapporo-style ramen with special miso dissolved into a beef bone soup, then swirled together in a wok!
  • Restaurant Name:Menya Nishikawa
    Menu:Beef-Bone Noodles
    Characterized By:Made with 100% Japanese beef! There’s a deep richness from the beef bones in this otherwise light dish!
  • Restaurant Name:Sesamitei
    Menu:House-Roasted Fragrant Sesame Tantanmen
    Characterized By:Enjoy the rich scent of sesame. Not too spicy or thick with a perfect combination of sesame and la-yu chili oil.
  • Restaurant Name:Gensen Niboshi Ramen Shodai Nibosuke
    Menu:Double Chashu-men with Pork Belly and Pork Shoulder Roast Chashu
    Characterized By:Ramen exclusively made for this festival, combining an old Chinese noodle recipe with 2 types of chashu.
  • Restaurant Name:Tanmen Shakishaki
    Characterized By:Tanmen made with restaurant’s pride-and-joy homemade noodles, crispy vegetables, and a rich, salty soup.
  • Restaurant Name:Jikasei-men Hoozuki
    Menu:Top-Class Shio Ramen with Japan’s 3 Major Chickens
    Characterized By:Top-class shio (salt) ramen made with Hinaiji, Satsuma, and Nagoya Cochin chickens.