Penguins Visit the Racetrack from the Aquarium! TCK Event Information for December 2nd through 6th!

TCK will be hosting events for Shinagawa-ku, the area where TCK is located, during the 1st week of December! Local mascot characters will come to visit, a performance will be put on by students from Shinagawa-ku, and the popular Magellanic penguins from Shinagawa Aquarium will even make an appearance! Furthermore, TCK will continue its popular live fanfare performances and illumination events! Head on over to TCK and see penguins at the racetrack!

Smile City – Shinagawa Day

TCK will be holding a PR event for Shinagawa-ku, the area where TCK is located. Visitors can enjoy an appearance by the Shinagawa Aquarium’s penguins and a gathering of Shinagawa-ku mascot characters!

December 6th

A Gathering of Local Mascots from Shinagawa-ku!

Local mascot characters from Shinagawa-ku will come together in a huge gathering to greet and interact with guests at opening.

①From opening ②3:30pm~ ③4:30pm~ ④5:30pm~ ⑤6:30pm~ ⑥During 11th race award ceremony
①By main gate ②~⑤By PR corner ⑥Finish line prize table
Participating Characters
Ryo-kun, Togoshi Ginjiro, Osaki Ichibantaro, Shinakamon, Bichu, Yatatama, Minami-chan

※All characters will be available at opening. During other times, 2 characters at a time will be available.
※Locations may change in case of rain.
※Visiting characters are subject to change without notice.

  • Ryo-kun
  • Togoshi Ginjiro
  • Osaki Ichibantaro
  • Minami-chan
  • Shinakamon,Bichu,Yatatama

“Shinagawa Academy Entertainment Club” Live Stage

The Shinagawa Academy Entertainment Club, comprised of students living in or studying in Shinagawa-ku and operating under the motto of “making Shinagawa-ku lively with entertainment,” will be putting on live performances!

Around 8:15pm~
Twinkle Stage
Shinagawa Academy Entertainment Club

Shinagawa Aquarium Penguin Visit

The popular Magellanic penguins from Shinagawa Aquarium make an appearance! This is an exciting chance to see penguins at the racetrack!

Near main gate

※Event contents are subject to change or cancellation due to weather or the physical condition of the penguins.


TCK will be hosting a raffle where you can win special Shinagawa-ku products if you purchase 300 yen or more of undecided betting tickets on the same day.

First 500 guests
Conditions for Participation
Present 300 yen or more of undecided betting tickets for the same day.
Shinagawa-ku souvenirs, TCK goods, etc.

※Raffle ends when prizes run out.
※Participation limited to once per person.
※Internet purchase screen not accepted for participation.
※Multiple trifecta winning tickets are acceptable if cost exceeds the minimum.

Shinagawa-ku PR Booth

There will be a PR booth introducing the charms and sightseeing spots of Shinagawa-ku available for visiting.

From opening until start of the final race

Meet and Greet With Umatase and Umataseine

TCK’s mascots “Umatase and Umataseine” will make their appearance and liven up the facility! Take pictures with them to upload onto social media!

December 4th
①From opening ②4:30pm~ ③6:30pm~ ④11th R KATSUSHIMA OKAN Award Ceremony
①Main gate area ②G-FRONT area ③G-FRONT area ④Prize area by goal

※Each session lasts around 30 minutes.
※Locations may change in case of rainy weather.

Live Performances by Tokyo Twinkle Fanfare

Every day during the Twinkle Races, the TCK fanfare group “Tokyo Twinkle Fanfare (TTF)” will put on a live performance! Furthermore, there will be meeting and send-off performances according to the following schedule.

Live Fanfare Performances

December 2nd-6th
Before the start of the last 3 races
Awards Stand

※Cancelled in case of rain.

Send-off Performances

December 4th, 6th
After the final race
Twinkle Stage

Clydesdale Horse-Drawn Carriage

The popular horse-drawn carriage rides and up-close encounters in PAKA-PAKA Land continue!

Main Gate Cruising

December 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 6th
First round 5:30pm-6:00pm, second round 6:15pm-6:45pm
Start Location
Locations Covered
PAKA-PAKA Land to Umatase’s bronze statue

※Rides are first-come-first-served (free).
※Waiting list for rides starts 10 minutes before each start time.


December 4th
First round from opening(About 30 minutes), second round 5:30pm-6:00pm, third round 6:15pm-6:45pm
First round Main Gate, second round PAKA-PAKA Land, third round PAKA-PAKA Land

※Events may change or be cancelled for various reasons, including weather or horse’s health.

An Illumination Featuring Around 3.5 Million Bulbs!

On every day featuring a Twinkle Race, the facility and the inside of the racecourse will be lit up with illuminations! Enjoy the beautiful lights along the racetrack, inside the racecourse, and along the stands.

Grounds Illumination

Every day featuring a Twinkle Race
From sundown onward ※Light-up time varies by date

※No admission to the inner racecourse area on days with races

Inner Racecourse Illumination Show

December 2nd-6th
During races after sundown

※Illumination show will not be held if award ceremony will occur after race.
※Illumination show may be difficult to see from certain areas.

Beginners’ Counter

On every day featuring a Twinkle Race, there will be a “Beginners’ Counter” set up for beginners on the 1st floor of L-WING!

The counter will have a concierge available who will give free assistance and information on horse racing basics, such as how to buy betting tickets and how to read the racing forms. There will also be great-value beginners’ kits available for purchase! Furthermore, English and Chinese-speaking staff will be stationed at the counter.

If you’re new to horse racing and aren’t sure where to begin or want to know more about horse racing, be sure to stop by!

All dates with horse races until December 31st
From opening until the final race has been decided
Special area on the 1st floor of L-WING