The Third Gourmet Week for Autumn is Filled with Tokyo’s Finest Gourmet Dishes! TCK’s Event Information for November 11th-15th!

During November TCK will finish out its fall gourmet weeks with a gourmet festival featuring dishes from famous restaurants across Tokyo’s 23 wards! Furthermore, there will be a limited-time market where you can purchase specialty goods from each ward. Discover new and exciting facets of Tokyo! In addition, TCK’s popular illumination events will be held as well. Enjoy the tastes of Tokyo’s gourmet foods at the end of this fall here at TCK!

Recommendations from Brother Kim for Tokyo 23 Wards Gourmet Festival 23 (Nii-san)!

For the 5-day period from November 11th through the 15th, the 3rd week of TCK’s fall gourmet festival, famous culinarian Yuichi Kimura has been invited to produce “Recommendations from Brother Kim for Tokyo 23 Wards Gourmet Festival 23 (Nii-san),” which will feature gourmet foods from across Tokyo!

Running concurrently with Tokyo Metropolitan Week, during this event special restaurants across Tokyo’s 23 wards selected by Yuichi Kimura will offer pop-up stores, and there will also be a limited-time market where guests can purchase local products from each ward!

November 11th-15th
From opening to the beginning of the final race (last orders 8:30pm)

Featured Stores

※Pictures shown are conceptual images.
※Participating stores and featured items are subject to change without notice.

  • Store Name:Virgo Beer
    Menu:4 Types of Beer
    Brother Kim’s Recommended Points:They offer a variety of options, from a deliciously refreshing and foamy lager beer to a new style of sour-tasting blue lychee beer and a delicious dark beer that stokes your appetite. Sampling them all is also a great idea, so be sure to try them!
  • Store Name:Okonomiyaki Imari Gotanda Store
    Brother Kim’s Recommended Points:The thin, egg-like batter is delicious! It’s in perfect harmony with the generous amount of leeks used.
  • Store Name:Super Hotdog
    Menu:Super Hotdog
    Brother Kim’s Recommended Points:Beneath the mountain of cheddar cheese is a house-made sausage with a 3cm diameter! The taste and texture both are very satisfying.
  • Store Name:Shiru Nashi Tantanmen Piriri
    Menu:Szechuan Ramen
    Brother Kim’s Recommended Points:The spice and aroma of la-yu chili oil, the numbing sensation of Japanese prickly ash flowers, and the umami of minced meat. The more you mix it together, the more delicious it becomes!
  • Store Name:Yakinikudon Tadon
    Brother Kim’s Recommended Points:This sweet and salty sauce is the perfect match for Kuroge wagyu beef. Their special kimchi is also delicious! Once you take a bite, you won’t be able to stop yourself.
  • Store Name:Shamo no Omiya
    Brother Kim’s Recommended Points:Enjoy the firm texture of shamo chicken in this dish. The light seasoning is also exquisite. Nabe hotpot dishes are perfect for the fall season.
  • Store Name:Karamen-ya ICHIRIN Shibuya Store
    Brother Kim’s Recommended Points:You get to choose your preferred spice level with these karamen. The level 2 spicy version is a great balance of umami and spiciness! If you’re trying to keep calories low, the version with konnyaku noodles is also good.
  • Store Name:ido Bistro
    Menu:Paitan Motsu Nikomi
    Brother Kim’s Recommended Points:When you think of motsu nikomi, or stewed offal, you often think of a miso or shoyu broth. However, this light and white soup brings out the flavor of the offal.

Metropolitan Market

Held concurrently with Tokyo Metropolitan Week, TCK will be hosting a limited-time market where you can purchase local specialties from the featured wards.

  • Shibamata Mochi
  • Haneda Otani no Kurumi Shirasu
  • Le Chocolate Classic
  • Uzura Castella-yaki
November 11th-15th
From opening until 8:30pm
Featured Stores
①RUYSDAEL (Nakano-ku)
Products: Le Chocolate Classic
②Senjushuku Kitaya (Adachi-ku)
Products: Hatsushuku Ogura
③Yushima Kagetsu (Bunkyo-ku)
Products: Karinto Tan’i
④Kibundo So Honten (Taito-ku)
Products: Uzura Castella-yaki 200g
⑤Madeleine Lapin (Meguro-ku)
Products: Madeleine 3pcs
⑥Otani Masakichi Shouten (Ota-ku)
Products: Haneda Otani no Kurumi Shirasu
⑦Takagiya Roho (Katsushika-ku)
Products: Shibamata Mochi
⑧Miharado (Toshima-ku)
Products: Ranpo no Zo
⑨Odori Sangyo Co., Ltd. (Kita-ku)
Products: Osatsu Sablé
⑩Awaya Sobei (Nerima-ku)
Products: Rilakkumanjuu
⑪Sobadokoro Choujyuan (Edogawa-ku)
Products: Dried Komatsuna Soba
⑫Sakura Senbei (Arakawa-ku)
Products: Thick hard rice crackers and others 15pics
⑬Patisserie HANA (Suginami-ku)
Products: Hana Recommended Set (Set of Financiers 3pcs, Cookie 1pcs)
⑭Setagaya Kameya (Setagaya-ku)
Products: Lucky Monaka 9pcs
⑮Dessert Club (Itabashi-ku)
Products: German Baumkuchen

Meet and Greet With Umatase and Umataseine

TCK’s mascots “Umatase and Umataseine” will make their appearance and liven up the facility! Take pictures with them to upload onto social media!

November 13th
①From opening ②4:30pm~ ③6:30pm~ ④11th R Haiseiko Commemorative Award Ceremony
①Main gate area ②G-FRONT area ③G-FRONT area ④Prize area by goal

※Each session lasts around 30 minutes.
※Locations may change in case of rainy weather.

Live Performances by Tokyo Twinkle Fanfare

Every day during the Twinkle Races, the TCK fanfare group “Tokyo Twinkle Fanfare (TTF)” will put on a live performance! Furthermore, there will be meeting and send-off performances according to the following schedule.

Live Fanfare Performances

November 11th-15th
Before the start of the last 3 races
Awards Stand

※Cancelled in case of rain.

Send-off Performances

November 13th, 15th
After the final race
Twinkle Stage

Clydesdale Horse-Drawn Carriage

The popular horse-drawn carriage rides and up-close encounters in PAKA-PAKA Land continue!

Main Gate Cruising

November 11th, 12th, 14th, and 15th
First round 5:30pm-6:00pm, second round 6:15pm-6:45pm
Start Location
Locations Covered
PAKA-PAKA Land to Umatase’s bronze statue

※Rides are first-come-first-served (free).
※Waiting list for rides starts 10 minutes before each start time.


November 13th
First round from opening(About 30 minutes), second round 5:30pm-6:00pm, third round 6:15pm-6:45pm
First round Main Gate, second round PAKA-PAKA Land, third round PAKA-PAKA Land

※Events may change or be cancelled for various reasons, including weather or horse’s health.

An Illumination Featuring Around 3.5 Million Bulbs!

On every day featuring a Twinkle Race, the facility and the inside of the racecourse will be lit up with illuminations! Enjoy the beautiful lights along the racetrack, inside the racecourse, and along the stands.

Grounds Illumination

Every day featuring a Twinkle Race
From sundown onward ※Light-up time varies by date

※No admission to the inner racecourse area on days with races

Inner Racecourse Illumination Show

November 11th-15th
During races after sundown

※Illumination show will not be held if award ceremony will occur after race.
※Illumination show may be difficult to see from certain areas.

Beginners’ Counter

On every day featuring a Twinkle Race, there will be a “Beginners’ Counter” set up for beginners on the 1st floor of L-WING!

The counter will have a concierge available who will give free assistance and information on horse racing basics, such as how to buy betting tickets and how to read the racing forms. There will also be great-value beginners’ kits available for purchase! Furthermore, English and Chinese-speaking staff will be stationed at the counter.

If you’re new to horse racing and aren’t sure where to begin or want to know more about horse racing, be sure to stop by!

All dates with horse races until December 31st
From opening until the final race has been decided
Special area on the 1st floor of L-WING