Enjoy the Tastes of Hokkaido at this Popular Gourmet Festival! TCK’s Event Information for October 14th-18th!

During the 3rd week of October, TCK will host the “Hokkaido MEGA Gourmet Festival,” a popular annual event! There will also be other events where you can enjoy watching powerful warriors on horseback and listen to live fanfare performances! Enjoy TCK alongside Hokkaido’s gourmet offerings!

~Crab, Squid, Ramen… Delicious Hokkaido Foods. ~Hokkaido MEGA Gourmet Festival 2019

From October 14th through the 18th, TCK will host the annual “Hokkaido MEGA Gourmet Festival,” which will feature popular Hokkaido restaurants and their foods.

Here you can enjoy classic Hokkaido dishes, including grilled seafood, squid rice, and miso ramen, as well as a “shime parfait,” which has become a classic way to end a night of food and drink in Sapporo. Furthermore, there is a vast “MEGA” menu available exclusively at TCK. From entrees to desserts, you’ll find a full lineup of Hokkaido’s delicious offerings here!

Enjoy the bounty of Hokkaido’s sea and land, a veritable treasure trove of food, to your heart’s content!

October 14th-18th
From opening until the start of the last race of the day (last orders at 8:30pm)
※Starts at 11:30am on October 14th
Participating Stores
1) Hokkaido Oyster Specialty Store Atsumaru Suisan
Menu: Assorted grilled oysters, grilled scallops, (limited) grilled blue king crab served in shell, others
MEGA Menu: MEGA grilled seafood
2) THE Morimachi Ika Gohan
Menu: Squid rice, crab soup, others
MEGA Menu: MEGA squid sanmai
3) Porokara Karikari Cheese Stick®
Menu: Karikari Sticks (cheese, crab, etc.), seafood karaage, others
MEGA Menu: MEGA seafood karaage super assortment
4) Tomakomai Hokkiya
Menu: Hokki shellfish rice, Hokki shellfish curry, crab and Ikura rice, others
MEGA Menu: Ikura rice
5) Machinaka Farm Café
Menu: Strawberry shime parfait, Hokkaido rich soft-serve ice cream, others
MEGA Menu: MEGA soft-serve ice cream
6) Asahikawa-Hatsu Kinjiro Ramen
Menu: Toro-niku miso ramen, Hokkaido specialty thick-cut jingisukan, others
MEGA Menu: Hokkaido MEGA-mori miso ramen
Menu: Chicken zangi curry, chicken breast salted zangi, others
MEGA Menu: Karaage King
8) Yakumo-Ushi Gyu-Kushi
Menu: Yakumo beef steak donburi, tongue skewers, steak and tongue donburi, others
MEGA Menu: Yakumo-Ushi MEGA steak donburi
9) Otaru Bonki
Menu: Octopus zangi, Alpine leek manju, shrimp and egg fried rice, others
MEGA Menu: MEGA-mori bargain pack (octopus zangi, Alpine leek manju, Yongen pork shumai, Otaru shirayuki gyoza; 3pcs each)

※MEGA menu items are limited, so once each store’s item sells out it is taken off the menu.

Participating Stores

※Pictures shown are concept images.
※Participating stores and menus are subject to change without notice.

  • Store Name:Hokkaido Oyster Specialty Store Atsumaru Suisan
    Menu:(limited) grilled blue king crab served in shell
    MEGA Menu:MEGA grilled seafood
  • Store Name:THE Morimachi Ika Gohan
    Menu:Squid rice
    MEGA Menu:MEGA squid sanmai
  • Store Name:Porokara Karikari Cheese Stick®
    Menu:Karikari Sticks
    MEGA Menu:MEGA seafood karaage super assortment
  • Store Name:Tomakomai Hokkiya
    Menu:Hokki shellfish rice
    MEGA Menu:Ikura rice
  • Store Name:Machinaka Farm Café
    Menu:Strawberry shime parfait
    MEGA Menu:MEGA soft-serve ice cream
  • Store Name:Asahikawa-Hatsu Kinjiro Ramen
    Menu:Toro-niku miso ramen
    MEGA Menu:Hokkaido MEGA-mori miso ramen
  • Store Name:CURRY’OHANA
    Menu:Chicken zangi curry
    MEGA Menu:Karaage King
  • Store Name:Yakumo-Ushi Gyu-Kushi
    Menu:Yakumo beef steak donburi
    MEGA Menu:Yakumo-Ushi MEGA steak donburi
  • Store Name:Otaru Bonki
    Menu:Octopus zangi
    MEGA Menu:MEGA-mori bargain pack

~Sengoku Picture Scrolls Brought to Life at TCK! ~Soma Nomaoi

On October 14th, the Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property “Soma Nomaoi” will be hosted at TCK. Soma Nomaoi is a traditional event from the Soma region of Fukushima Prefecture, and it has been described as the world’s best horse festival. Be sure to enjoy the thrilling and powerful view of the heroic equestrian warriors at this event!

October 14th
Nomaoi Planned Starting Time – 4:45pm (planned)
Start of Armored Horse Race – 5:00pm (planned)
Nomaoi Planned Ending Time – 5:10pm (planned)
Main racetrack, awards area by the goal

※Times are subject to change.

Meet and Greet With Umatase and Umataseine

TCK’s mascots “Umatase and Umataseine” will make their appearance and liven up the facility! Take pictures with them to upload onto social media!

October 14th, 16th
October 14th
①From opening ②2:00pm~ ③4:00pm~ ④6:00pm~
October 16th
①From opening ②4:30pm~ ③6:30pm~ ④The 11R Mile Grand Prix award ceremony
October 14th
①Main gate area ②Near the Sports Festa ③Near the Hokkaido Festival area ④G-FRONT area
October 16th
①Main gate area ②G-FRONT area ③G-FRONT area ④Prize area by goal

※Each session lasts around 30 minutes.
※Locations may change in case of rainy weather.

Live Performances by Tokyo Twinkle Fanfare

Every day during the Twinkle Races, the TCK fanfare group “Tokyo Twinkle Fanfare (TTF)” will put on a live performance! Furthermore, there will be meeting and send-off performances according to the following schedule.

Live Fanfare Performances

October 14th-18th
Before the start of the last 3 races
Awards Stand

※Cancelled in case of rain.

Send-off Performances

October 14th,16th and 18th
After the final race
Twinkle Stage

Meeting Performance

October 14th
For about 20 minutes after gate opens
Twinkle Stage

Clydesdale Horse-Drawn Carriage

The popular horse-drawn carriage rides and up-close encounters in PAKA-PAKA Land continue!

Main Gate Cruising

October 14th, 15th, 17th, and 18th
First round 5:30pm-6:00pm, second round 6:15pm-6:45pm
Start Location
Locations Covered
PAKA-PAKA Land to Umatase’s bronze statue

※Rides are first-come-first-served (free).
※Waiting list for rides starts 10 minutes before each start time.


October 16th
First round from opening(About 30 minutes), second round 5:30pm-6:00pm, third round 6:15pm-6:45pm
First round Main Gate, second round PAKA-PAKA Land, third round PAKA-PAKA Land

※Events may change or be cancelled for various reasons, including weather or horse’s health.

An Illumination Featuring Around 3.5 Million Bulbs!

On every day featuring a Twinkle Race, the facility and the inside of the racecourse will be lit up with illuminations! Enjoy the beautiful lights along the racetrack, inside the racecourse, and along the stands.

Grounds Illumination

Every day featuring a Twinkle Race
From sundown onward ※Light-up time varies by date

※No admission to the inner racecourse area on days with races

Inner Racecourse Illumination Show

October 14th-18th
During races after sundown

※Illumination show will not be held if award ceremony will occur after race.
※Illumination show may be difficult to see from certain areas.

Beginners’ Counter

On every day featuring a Twinkle Race, there will be a “Beginners’ Counter” set up for beginners on the 1st floor of L-WING!

The counter will have a concierge available who will give free assistance and information on horse racing basics, such as how to buy betting tickets and how to read the racing forms. There will also be great-value beginners’ kits available for purchase! Furthermore, English and Chinese-speaking staff will be stationed at the counter.

If you’re new to horse racing and aren’t sure where to begin or want to know more about horse racing, be sure to stop by!

All dates with horse races until December 31st
From opening until the final race has been decided
Special area on the 1st floor of L-WING