How to Enjoy TCK
― The Date Edition ―

"I've never once experienced horse racing." Does that sound like you? If so, I'd like to introduce a model course for horse racing first-timers.
This piece will show you how to enjoy a date at the races! It's just like any other date, but with horse racing added for that something extra.

1Arriving at the North Gate of Oi Racetrack

The North Gate of Oi Racetrack

From Hamamatsu-cho, we took the Tokyo Monorail 2 stops to get off at Oikeibajo-mae Station.
It's only 2 minutes on foot from the station to the North Gate. With such excellent access, even first-time visitors can feel at ease!

Once you arrive, the gorgeous illumination will impress you!

Today, I'm going to watch the night races with my lover while having a meal!

2Learn a Lot at the Beginner's Counter!

The Beginner's Counter

The Beginner's Counter is in front of G-FRONT.
The staff will carefully explain how to buy a wager ticket, so even first-timers can feel at ease!

3Have Dinner at Diamond Turn, a Horse Race Spectator's Restaurant!

Diamond Turn
Diamond Turn

At Diamond Turn, enjoy a buffet of authentic seasonal cuisine while watching the horse races!
Prices start from ¥5000. That includes a reserved seating charge, the buffet and all-you-can-drink soft drinks.

A wide variety of dishes are offered
A wide variety of dishes are offered

There are several types of tables, from a table for one to large group seating.

Enjoying a perfect view from our table!
Enjoying a perfect view from our table!

A horse race monitor is attached to each table.
I'm so surprised that there is such a lovely restaurant at a horse racetrack!
It seems that a lot of couples and groups of women come here!

Watching the races
Watching the races

We can relax in large, comfortable seats.
While savoring delicious cuisine, we can cheer on the white-hot races!

4Predicting the Races and Purchasing Wager Tickets

Filling in the betting card
Filling in the betting card

To enjoy the races even more, why not purchase a wager ticket?
Since ticket prices start from ¥100, it's easy to enjoy betting on the horse races!

Try Your Luck
"Try Your Luck" wager ticket

When buying a "try your luck" wager ticket, I also recommend using touch-panel voting to choose your horse.
This machine is only available inside Diamond Turn.

And the result is...
No way! I won on my very first horse race wager!

Wager ticket vending machines
Wager ticket vending machines

It's easy to compute the payout from your winning ticket at the payout machine!

5Don't Miss the Illumination Displays!


The nighttime illumination at TCK is so beautiful! There are also many recommended photo spots!

If you take some good photos, why not upload them on SNS?

"We want to come here together, again!"