The TCK Model Course
― The Beginner's Guide Edition ―

In order to enjoy TCK (Tokyo City Keiba) horse racing, the most important thing is actually to come out and try it for yourself. Experience the goosebumps of excitement that you can only feel at TCK!

Of course, how much you want to wager, and how you want to bet it, is all up to you, but we strongly recommend that you come out and enjoy the horse races yourself. Their great impact is guaranteed to satisfy you!

If it's hard to imagine yourself enjoying horse racing, or if you've never been to a horse racetrack, we'd like to introduce this model course for first-timers to casually enjoy TCK.

1Going to TCK

If you're going to TCK for the first time, take the Tokyo Monorail. From the nearest station, Oikeibajo-mae, it's just 2 minutes on foot to the North Gate! When you leave the station, TCK is right in front of you, so there's no need to worry about getting lost.

Enter through the North Gate, head straight and you'll see L-WING, one of the spectator stands. Besides vending machines where you can purchase betting tickets, there are places serving light meals such as ramen. Then right in front of L-WING, there's the Paddock, where you can go and check the condition of the horses that will compete in the races.

2Find Your Favorite Horse at the Paddock

Once you enter through the North Gate, stop by the Paddock.
At the Paddock, you can check out the condition of the horses, from the way they walk to their musculature and glossy coats.

Those who have enjoyed horse racing before know how important it is to confirm the current condition of the horses in the Paddock, along with their past race entry results.

Carefully observe how the horses walk and find your favorite horse!

3Buy Your Betting Cards at L-WING

As soon as you've found a horse you like, buy a betting card at L-WING.
Besides the Paddock, L-WING is also close to the finish line, so these stands are recommended for first-time horse race spectators.

4When You Hit the Jackpot, Get a Payout!

At L-WING, in addition to buying betting cards, you can also get payouts for winning bets. When your excellent hunch hits the mark, you can be paid right away.

5When You Want to Take a Break...

In the heat of the horse race, you might feel a bit hungry, and your throat may get dry. Then, why not take a break at the restaurants inside L-WING? The menus feature a wide selection of snacks, Western and Japanese food. Slurping ramen with chopsticks is fine, and having a drink in the Beer Hall is good, too. Choose what you like, depending on how you feel at that moment.

6I Want to Have Fun With a Group!

When you want to enjoy TCK with a group of friends, it's recommended to reserve group seating in the Wing Room on the 4th floor of L-WING. In spacious box seats, you can relax and have fun while taking in the races. On the same floor, there's Ginza Lion Beer Hall, so you'll have no problem finding food and drink. Watching the races while drinking with your buddies is sure to add to the excitement!

The Wing Room may be used by up to 7 people for14,000, by up to 8 people for ¥16,000, and by up to 11 people for ¥22,000.
Reserved box seat tickets may be purchased at the service counter on the 1st floor of G-Front grandstand.


TCK (Tokyo City Keiba) is a horse racetrack inside Tokyo. Enjoy high-impact night races starting from bets of ¥100, when the racetrack becomes an amusement park, decorated with nighttime illumination displays. What's more, there are a lot of different events and delicious gourmet food! Please be sure to come and visit this new Tokyo night spot!